Syncrude Leases



Syncrude is a joint venture project owned by some of the world’s leading energy companies. We operate one of the largest oil sands facilities in Canada, producing crude oil from the Athabasca oil sands.

The Syncrude joint venture participants hold 102,000 hectares of high quality, long-life oil sands leases, providing them with a sound platform for continued growth. All of the leases can be mined and are among the best in the Athabasca deposit for quality of ore, low stripping ratios, and low total volume-to-bitumen in place, all of which enhance the economics of the Syncrude project.

Land Access

The Syncrude Project comprises the lands as shown on the map above. A more detailed version is available to download by clicking Syncrude Lease Map (PDF - 1.1MB). Any access to these lands requires the prior permission of Syncrude. Please contact the Land Department: