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Control Room Operators help keep barrels flowing

Apr 16, 2018

With several different products produced in Canada’s oil sands, Syncrude Sweet Premium is a cut above. Our operation is unique in that it produces only a high quality, light, sweet crude oil that’s used to fuel vehicles, heat homes and more.

Employees like Randy Wood help Syncrude produce the equivalent of about 15 per cent of Canada’s daily oil requirements. Randy is a Control Room Operator for Conversion. He and his Control Room colleagues can be considered the eyes and ears of our operation.

When it comes to optimizing Syncrude’s production, Randy says it’s about making sure we do our due diligence to keep everything under control and work as a team to achieve the best results.

 Randy adds that his time at Syncrude has taught him to look for new and innovative ways to improve how to do things. And although his job comes with challenges, Randy and his team take great pride in what they do.

“I’m proud to do my part in the company,” he says. “We strive to reliably and responsibly provide Canadians with a high quality energy product they use so much in their everyday lives.”

Whether at the Control Centre, in the mine, or elsewhere across Syncrude, employees are the driving force behind our success. With their team spirit and resolve, people like the Randy Wood keep Syncrude moving forward.

Together, our 4,700 employees have what it takes for us to succeed.