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Our Vision & Values

Syncrude’s Vision and Values were developed in the early 1990s to lead us in our commitment to responsibly develop the oil sands resource. It guides us every day and in everything we do:

Securing Canada’s Energy Future


The Vision to Lead

The Knowledge to Succeed

The Commitment to Do Better

And the Heart to Win the Race


We Will Achieve This By:

Encouraging learning and innovation in everything we do;

Pushing the limits of what technology can accomplish;

Working together to make Syncrude the best place to work.


In this way we will be Safe, Reliable, Responsible and Profitable and all our stakeholders will want to invest in our future.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy 

At Syncrude we are committed to protecting and promoting the safety and well-being of our employees, our contractors, our communities and our environment. We believe excellence and continuous improvement in safety, health and environmental performance are in the best interest of stakeholders and ourselves. Indeed, our success and reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible operator depend upon it.

Our desired outcome is a workplace where everyone upholds Syncrude’s Vision, Values and Guiding Principles – one which protects people, property and the environment, and one which ensures all employees and contractors understand and demonstrate their personal commitment to operational excellence and sustainable development.

Toward this:

  • we aim for a safe and reliable operation where all risks that could compromise the health, security and safety of workers, neighbouring communities or the environment, are identified, understood and managed
  • we integrate safety, health, environmental, social and economic factors, as well as stakeholder considerations, into all business decisions
  • we establish and steward to challenging targets, and measure and verify our performance regularly
  • we meet or exceed all regulated standards for safety, health and environmental performance, and publicly report on our progress
  • we continually improve by fostering a workplace where everyone understands their personal and shared accountabilities to meeting these objectives
  • we are collaborative and learn from world-class practices, incorporating knowledge and innovation into our systems, practices and procedures
  • management upholds a visible leadership role in advocating the importance of safety, health, environmental and social responsibility throughout our operation and in appropriate regional, provincial and national forums.

Through these efforts and the collective experience of all employees and contractors, Syncrude will be a leader in responsible oil sands development.