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Our Future - MLX Project

We are proposing to extend the footprint of our Mildred Lake North Mine operation to sustain Syncrude’s production of high quality crude oil. Called the Mildred Lake Extension Project (MLX), it would commence production around 2023-2024, pending regulatory approval.

MLX consists of two new mining areas – MLX West located northwest of the North Mine and west of the MacKay River; and MLX East, located between the Mildred Lake Settling Basin and the Athabasca River. These mining sites will replace the oil sands ore body currently being mined in the adjacent North Mine.

There will be no new tailings facilities associated with this project, nor any new extraction or upgrading infrastructure. The only major construction required is a bridge across the MacKay River to allow heavy haulers to haul the resource to our existing facilities.

A Public Disclosure Document was issued in October 2012 and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Terms of Reference were issued in December 2014. The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) deemed the EIA complete in September 2017. The Alberta Aboriginal Consultation Office (ACO) has also determined First Nations consultation adequate pending the outcome of the regulatory process. Syncrude has requested the Application be set down for a public hearing by the AER in September 2018.

For Aboriginal consultation matters, please contact Colleen Legdon, Manager of Community Relations, at 825-409-7415 or email

For regulatory process matters, please contact Isabelle Shelvey, Manager of Regulatory Affairs, at 587-956-6762 or email