Working with Syncrude

We are committed to ethical and productive relationships with our suppliers. This is accomplished through priorities such as:

Safety, Health and Environment

Syncrude places strong emphasis on preventing any damage or injury to people, environment, production and facilities. To ensure this, all companies that do business with Syncrude must have processes in place to demonstrate their knowledge and their ability to achieve excellence in the area of loss management. For companies that will work directly on the plant site, a formal loss management program must be presented and will be evaluated for adequacy prior to the acceptance of bids.

Syncrude has adopted as a minimum for all Contractors, the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) Alcohol and Drug guidelines and Work Rule, found at Contractors may use their own Alcohol and Drug policies providing all of the COAA standards are included.

Syncrude has also adopted the COAA field level risk assessment. These assessment guidelines are available at Syncrude expects that all companies have a field level risk assessment process as well as a process that specifically addresses protection of New Workers.

All companies'  trade-related workers are required to have successfully completed the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) Basic Safety Orientation (BSO) and company site-specific orientation, as well as any renewable training, in order to work on Syncrude site. All companies must ensure that their workers are skilled and knowledgeable to perform the contracted work. 

Local and Aboriginal Business Development

Syncrude is committed to a strong local economy and the development of local businesses and local Aboriginal businesses. Syncrude will procure a substantial portion of its required goods and services from local businesses and local Aboriginal businesses and encourages its contractors and suppliers to do the same. 

Syncrude is committed to the employment of local Aboriginal people. In addition to hiring local Aboriginal people itself, Syncrude also encourages its contractors and suppliers to provide employment opportunities to local Aboriginal people. 

For more information, please contact our local Aboriginal business co-ordinator Doug Webb at 1-825-409-7258 or

Environmental Regulations

Syncrude endeavours to perform as a leader in the resource industry in Alberta with respect to environmental protection. Syncrude expects any company that it does business with to comply fully with all environmental obligations as contained in applicable acts, regulations, and the terms and conditions of Syncrude's various governmental licenses and approvals. 


Quality products and services are a priority in maintaining a safe and reliable operation. Syncrude insists on using only proven materials, and requires the same of it contractors and vendors. A copy of your company's quality program must be presented prior to the acceptance of bids. For certain product the ISO 9000 program is required. 

Ethical Business Conduct

Syncrude will only work with companies that demonstrate ethical business conduct. The Syncrude Ethics and Business Conduct Policy is available to all companies doing business with Syncrude. Any questions or comments on this policy should be addressed to the Materials & Services Department at 1-825-409-7248.

Syncrude strives to operate with the highest standards of integrity in all our business relationships. Syncrude expects its employees to deal with contractors and suppliers in a manner which is in conformance with our ethics policy. If you are concerned about an ethics related matter, or feel that you have been treated in an unethical manner by any Syncrude employee, and would like to discuss it directly with the company official concerned with monitoring the effectiveness of our Ethics Policy, you are encouraged to contact our Manager Internal Audit, at 780-790-7675. Your inquiry will be dealt with in strict confidence.