How we use Energy

Syncrude’s operations were built during the energy crisis of the 1970s. To shield the project against possible rising energy costs, extensive cogeneration processes were built into the operation to create a reliable source of steam and electricity, and to recover waste heat for reuse. In fact, Syncrude is one of the most thermally integrated industrial facilities in Canada.

Syncrude’s Sources of Energy

Power is produced through six steam generators and four gas turbine generators. Steam is also produced from the waste heat of the gas turbine generators. Bitumen conversion units such as our cokers also produce waste heat, and this heat is then used in bitumen extraction processes.

Around 10% of the total energy used at Syncrude is produced from waste heat. While our gas turbine generators require natural gas to produce electricity, most of the natural gas we use is for the production of hydrogen, which assists in removing sulphur and nitrogen from our crude oil product. This increases the quality of our crude oil and reduces downstream emissions.