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Regional Air Quality

Monitoring results continue to show that the region’s overall air quality compares very well to other regions of Canada.

The Athabasca oil sands region is the most heavily monitored area in the province. Air quality is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA).

WBEA is a multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit, science-based organization that independently monitors air quality and terrestrial environmental effects in the region. It is headquartered in Fort McMurray and compromises environmental non-government organizations, First Nations, government, health agencies and industry.

WBEA also coordinates regional terrestrial and forest health monitoring. This has included coordinating a berry monitoring project with Elders of the Fort McKay First Nation. Further information, overviews of projects and study results can be found on the WBEA website.



Air Quality Health Index

Charts depict the percent of 2012 hourly AHQI values within each of the four risk categories – low, moderate, high and very high – calculated for three local WBEA stations, as well as an Edmonton station for comparison. Visit www.wbea.org for complete details on pollutants measured by AQHI.