Key Stakeholders

As a large organizational and operational presence, we understand how we may impact communities and people. As such, we have identified the following key stakeholders:


We communicate business-related information to provide employees with an understanding of goals, plans and performance that enables them to function effectively in their roles. We encourage an environment in which everyone has their ideas heard and responded to promptly, and in which open and candid communication help to build mutual trust and cooperation. Employees are able to provide feedback through a variety of mechanisms including town hall meetings and confidential written submissions.

Joint Venture Owners

The Syncrude Project is a joint venture undertaking among Imperial Oil Resources Limited; CNOOC Oil Sands Canada; Sinopec Oil Sands Partnership; and Suncor Energy Inc. (with the Suncor interest held by Canadian Oil Sands Partnership #1 and Suncor Energy Ventures Partnership, both wholly owned affiliates of Suncor Energy Inc.).

Suppliers and Contractors

Through the procurement of goods and services, we have a significant impact on the economy and the livelihoods of thousands of people. We take our commitments to suppliers very seriously and demand ethical and safe behaviour. Training is provided as required to meet our operational standards and regular interaction occurs in which ideas and feedback are exchanged. In the case of concerns related to corporate conduct, suppliers are also able to file confidential and anonymous submissions through EthicsPoint, a third party reporting system.


Staff regularly interface with municipal, provincial and federal officials and elected representatives. These interactions mainly centre around public policy and regulatory requirements related to such issues as local transportation, tailings and reclamation plans, and future growth. 


The communities in which we operate are integral to us. As the source of people directly and indirectly employed in the oil sands industry, it’s important for us to ensure they enjoy a good quality of life. This includes an active community investment program, an operations integrity management system that reduces upsets and risks to people and the environment, and a strong employee presence in community activities and events. A community hotline has also been established where residents can leave comments or concerns. 

Aboriginal People

As the region’s original inhabitants, Aboriginal people have a significant stake in the development of the oil sands. We are committed to being a leader in Aboriginal relations, employment and business development, and to ensure local communities have the capacity to consult effectively with us. We have day-to-day engagement with local Aboriginal communities and work with them to develop opportunities and resolve any issues.