Goals and Stewardship

The goals of Syncrude’s Aboriginal Relations Program are to:

SideGraph Aborig Relations Policy

  • Be recognized as a leader in Aboriginal Relations, business development and as an employer of choice;
  • Attract and retain qualified candidates from local Aboriginal communities;
  • Maintain support from regional communities of Syncrude’s role in the oil sands;
  • Ensure effective, two-way relationships and consultation;
  • Focus community investment on education and recruitment, community relations, cultural retention, and Aboriginal leadership;
  • Ensure regional communities have the capacity to engage with Syncrude regarding consultation, employment, business, and environmental and socio-economic impacts;
  • Ensure Syncrude’s environmental programs are well understood by our stakeholders and designed to mitigate impacts to traditional land uses, and incorporate traditional knowledge where possible; 
  • Achieve a balance of economic, environmental and social outcomes through engagement and evaluation;
  •  Achieve regulatory and social license to operate

Progress towards these goals is stewarded by Syncrude’s Aboriginal Relations Steering Committee, which includes executives, senior management and advisors who meet quarterly to guide and champion strategies to ensure effective positive outcomes for Aboriginal stakeholders. Input is also sought to monitor impacts through regular meetings with an Advisory Committee that comprises both Elders and other members of the communities.

The Aboriginal Relations Steering Committee

Progress toward these goals is stewarded by Syncrude’s Aboriginal Relations Steering Committee, whose mandate is to ensure that Syncrude delivers on its six key commitment areas. The Committee includes executive, senior managers and advisors from throughout Syncrude who meet monthly to guide and champion strategies to ensure positive outcomes for Aboriginal stakeholders.  An Aboriginal Relations team of five professionals supports the Committee; they manage the day-to-day interactions and relationships with local stakeholders.

Back Row (left to right): Doug Webb, Aboriginal Business Liaison; Colleen Legdon, Manager, Community Relations; Isabelle Shelvey, Senior Regulatory Specialist; Donelda Patterson, Manager, Human Resources Services; Michelle Velez, Manager, Environmental Affairs; Peter Read, Vice President, Strategic Planning

Front Row (left to right): Prashant Mehta, Manager, Site Services; Dr. Tom Lawley, Chief Medical Officer; Chaim Lum, Manager, Procurement; Kara Flynn, Vice President, Government & Public Affairs; Lana Hill, Advisor, Stakeholder Relations; Greg Fuhr, Vice President, Production Mining; Dan Brown, Manager, PC&A; Mark Ward, President and CEO.