New Graduate Opportunities

Every year, Syncrude hires new graduates from across Canada in a variety of different disciplines from a number of post-secondary institutions. We welcome them all into our Initial Professional Development Program (IPDP) which ensures they get the opportunities and training they need to grow and succeed at Syncrude.

Generally, new graduates are in the IPDP for four years before they are promoted to the Fully Qualified Level.

We view graduate development as a joint responsibility between the new graduate and the various teams they’ll work with during the first few years of their careers at Syncrude. We encourage our new graduates to ask a lot of questions and always be ready to learn. 

New graduate starting salaries are based on:

  • Co-op vs. non Co-op Program
  • Location of service: Fort McMurray vs. Edmonton
  • Related summer or co-op work term experience
  • Additional related degree(s) or diploma(s)
  • Previous related work experience
  • Market position and internal Syncrude salary structure. 

IPDP salary increases reflect the rapid learning curve and progressive responsibilities of new graduates. Increases are awarded after six months or January 1 (whichever comes first) and on July 1 during the second year. Increases are awarded annually after the second year.