Syncrude is one of the largest oil sands companies in Alberta. We have a long history of responsible operations, energy innovation and a strong commitment to the environment.

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Syncrude recognizes Jennifer MacLachlan

Jan 21, 2019

As the wife of Mike Caldwell, a team lead at Syncrude, Jenn says, “Be safe” to her husband every day as he leaves for work. And she knows he takes the message to heart. The proof is plain to see, right there on his gloves.

New fire truck arrives at Syncrude ready to meet demands of oil sands operations

Jan 17, 2019

Syncrude recently rolled out a brand new fire truck on site. A unit that combines the best of pumper and rescue abilities.


Sustainability Report

The sustainability report provides an overview of our performance in the areas of finance and economic contribution, stakeholder and employee engagement, community investment, health and safety, and environmental stewardship.