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Waterfowl Protection


We have implemented an improved deterrent system in an effort to prevent waterfowl from landing on our settling basins, or tailings ponds.


The improved program incorporates input from bird and environmental experts, traditional knowledge, regulators and deterrent equipment manufacturers.

Tailings Management
Learn how new technologies are helping us better manage tailings.


The system includes:

Deployment of shore-based noise cannons before spring break-up and year-round deployment of deterrents on areas that are not frozen.


Staffing and monitoring for open water on process water ponds.

Additional noise cannons, falcon effigies and scarecrows, and flare and noise devices.

A radar-based system  with automated activation of deterrents when birds approach.

Our new protocol also requires heightened alertness and response when severe weather, such as freezing rain, occurs during periods of known bird migration.


We are also testing Hyperspike acoustic devices capable of projecting precise, directional sound towards areas of bird activity detected by radar. In addition, field studies are underway regarding the effectiveness of laser deterrents.


Migration Research

A radar-based migration monitoring system assists us in ongoing research of bird and duck migration patterns. This project will enable us to analyze trends and adjust our deterrent system to ensure the best protection measures are in place. This system is in operation at some of North America’s largest airports.


Learn more about our radar system at Accipiter Radar Technologies.