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Syncrude’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct policies are designed to foster the high level of ethical conduct expected by our many internal and external stakeholders. 


All employees are formally trained in these matters every four years. Training is also done at the time of hiring. All employees must sign a certification stating they understand the policies – Administrative, Professional and Technical employees certify annually based on their increased exposure to potential situations, while Occupational employees certify every four years. All employees receive an annual letter from the President and CEO as a reminder of these policies.


In addition to internal processes, Syncrude has an external system for the reporting of concerns about corporate conduct. Employees, contractors and members of the public may file their concerns anonymously and confidentially through EthicsPoint, or 1-800-493-1866. This information is available internally to all staff and through the downloads below.


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Reporting Concerns ( PDF  26.6 KB)
Ethics ( PDF  57.4 KB)
Directorships ( PDF  57.0 KB)
Corporate Assets ( PDF  55.4 KB)
Conflict of Interest ( PDF  62.7 KB)