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We are guided by a belief that we can deliver meaningful social and economic benefits to Canadians, while at the same time balancing the needs of the environment, and respecting the needs of the people and communities in our region.


We understand that we are a large operator in the Canadian oil sands industry and, as such, we must earn our social license to operate by demonstrating sustainable development. We realize that we do not own the bitumen resource base nor do we have the inherent right to disturb land, clear timber, withdraw water, emit into the air or disrupt local infrastructure and communities. Our stakeholders grant access to these resources through the regulatory and democratic process.


In 2006, we were particularly pleased that our largest Owner, Canadian Oil Sands Limited, was added to the Jantzi Social Index, which recognizes leaders in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The Trust’s only oil sands asset is the Syncrude operation and Jantzi Research recognized our strong performance in the areas of environment, health and safety, and Aboriginal relations as key factors for adding the Trust to the Index.


Furthermore, in 2010, Canadian Oil Sands Limited was added to the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index on the strength of our commitment to sustainability.


We pursue responsible oil sands development in many ways. We invite you to explore this section to find out how.


We also support a number of initiatives linked to corporate social responsibility: