Tailings R&D Team Lead discusses new technology on Innovation Anthology

Oct 05, 2016

In order to meet stakeholder expectations and regulatory commitment, Syncrude is pursuing a strategy based on decades of research and development which aims to reduce our volume of tailings and reincorporate the byproduct into a healthy, productive reclaimed landscape.

Recent construction and implementation of tailings treatment technologies worth about $3 billion is helping us towards meeting that goal.

Back in 2014, we began a pilot program on a new tailings technology known as co-mixing. This involves mixing fluid fine tails (FFT) - the layer of water, clay and fine solids that results from the bitumen extraction process - with material mined from the Clearwater Formation - a layer directly above the oil sand deposit that is rich in clay.

After just two years, we've advanced the pilot to commercial production. Jim Lorentz, Syncrude’s Team Lead Tailings Research and Development, recently spoke to Cheryl Croucher, host of Innovation Anthology, about this exciting new technology.

The interview can be heard at: http://www.innovationanthology.com/programs.php?id=846

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