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A hero at home

When Dwight Flett received an Emergency Dispatch call for a Fort McKay Elder in distress, he wasted no time putting his responder skills to use. His training as a Syncrude Mine Rescue and Fire Brigade member built the foundation for saving lives.

“I got the call around 1:30 a.m. that an Elder was having trouble breathing,” explains Dwight, who also volunteers his time with the Fort McKay Fire Department. “My partner Felix and I ran inside the house and found the patient wheezing. I tried to open the airway and looked for any obstruction, and noticed the tongue was swollen. The pulse monitor we put on showed the pulse was very low and as soon as I inserted an airway tube, the air started flowing through the throat.”

After the patient was stabilized, Syncrude Emergency Response arrived for Mutual Aid assistance with an ambulance to transport the Elder to the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre in Fort McMurray. After coming out of critical condition, the patient pulled through – no doubt thanks in part to the actions of Dwight and his response partner.

“It was pretty amazing. It made me smile,” adds Dwight, a Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician. “I learned the airway tube skill a month before at the Syncrude Fire School during a First Aid course. It was the first thing that came to my mind during the rescue.”

Dwight’s interest in Emergency Response first peaked after seeing the red hard hats in the Mine, which eventually led him to become a member of Syncrude’s volunteer Fire Brigade. From there, the black hard hat for Mine Rescue is where his ambition led.

When Dwight leaves work after being on-call for Mine Rescue, he goes on-call with the Fort McKay Volunteer Fire Department.

“It’s rewarding to help someone in need,” he says. “The training I’ve received with Syncrude Mine Rescue is advanced. When I get a call my adrenaline jumps through the roof. I’m always thinking of the worst and hoping for the best. At the scene, things slow down, and we take it step by step and walk through the emergency.”

Dwight credits his wife for supporting him and their two young boys while he’s away on-call or training. All of the hard work is worth it to continue with his emergency response passion.

Syncrude is proud to be a member of the regional Mutual Aid Partnership, comprised of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Suncor Energy, Canadian Natural, and Albian Sands. Syncrude responds to more than 100 Mutual Aid calls annually.

About Us

Syncrude is one of the largest operators in Canada’s growing oil sands industry, with a 50-year history of innovation. Based in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and with a large research and development facility in Edmonton, Syncrude is known for pioneering many of the technologies used today in the industry, including an expanding suite of techniques to improve environmental and economic performance.

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. was incorporated in 1964 and started operations in 1978.
  • Current production capacity is 350,000 barrels per day of high quality light, low sulphur crude oil – enough to supply 6.2 million Canadians with their petroleum requirements.  Cumulative production now exceeds 2.4 billion barrels. We annually contribute more than $6 billion to Canada’s economy through the payment of wages, royalties and taxes and procurement of goods and services.
  • Syncrude employs 5,000 people directly and an average of about 3,500 contractor employees. Our operations provide jobs for many more thousands of people directly and indirectly across Canada.
  • Syncrude is also a recognized leader in Aboriginal relations, with procurement of $186 million from local Aboriginal companies in 2013 and our status as one of the country’s largest employers of Aboriginal people. 
  • We are consistently among Canada’s top investors in research and development, spending $192 million in 2013 alone. More than 60% of these expenditures are focused on environmental research.
  • To date, Syncrude has reclaimed over 3,400 hectares of land disturbed by oil sands mining operations, with another 1,100 hectares ready for revegetation. We have planted over 7 million tree and shrub seedlings. In 2008, Syncrude was the first company in the Canadian oil sands industry to receive certification from the Alberta government for a reclaimed area. Called Gateway Hill, the area was planted in the early 1980s and is now a healthy forest of broad leaf and needle leaf trees interspersed by several wetlands.
  • Our corporate headquarters are located in the city of Fort McMurray, 440 kilometres northeast of Edmonton, Alberta. Our Mildred Lake facility is 40 kilometres north of the city, with our Aurora project located an additional 35 kilometres north of Mildred Lake. Our operations are found on the Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit.
  • The Syncrude Project is a Joint Venture undertaking among Canadian Oil Sands Partnership #1, Imperial Oil Resources, Mocal Energy Limited, Murphy Oil Company Ltd., Nexen Oil Sands Partnership, Sinopec Oil Sands Partnership and Suncor Energy Ventures Partnership, as the project owners, and Syncrude as the project operator.