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Reclamation in a former mining area.

Land Reclamation

We will ensure the land disturbed by our operation is returned to a stable, safe condition that is capable of supporting biologically self-sustaining communities of plants and animals.

Our long-term vision is to create a landscape that sustains an integrated mosaic of land uses that meet regulator and stakeholder expectations. Our policy adheres to the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act which requires Syncrude to return the land we use to a productive capability equivalent to that of the pre-disturbance landscape.

We are required by Alberta legislation to submit a reclamation and closure plan every 10 years, with a mid-term update provided five years after the submission. We provided our update to regulators in 2011. This plan is separate from, but consistent with, our ERCB Directive 074 submission which outlines our tailings management plan.

In 2011, the Alberta government introduced a new Mine Financial Security Program for oil sands and coal mines. It requires ongoing reclamation as soon as practical and ensures adequate security in the rare event of premature mine closure or abandonment.

Reclamation Progression