As of 2015, Syncrude expects to meet the conditions outlined in the Energy Resources and Conservation Board (ERCB) Directive 074 which requires a minimum 50% tailings fines capture. The ERCB approved our plan in 2010, allowing us to construct facilities and implement the proven technologies necessary to ensure full compliance by 2015.

Over the 2010/11 period, we achieved a fines capture of 17.7%, almost double our commitment to the regulator. Over the 2011/12 reporting period, due to reliability issues with the composite tails plant, fines capture was lower than the regulated requirements at 8.8%. However, over both periods, Syncrude's combined fines capture was around 25% more than committed to the regulator. 

We are committed to the long-term intent of the Directive and are investing significant capital and resources to attain future targets.

Annual Fines Capture