Waterfowl and Bird Protection

Monitoring occurs on a full-time basis throughout the migration period.

Measures are in place to protect local birds and deter migrating waterfowl from our site.

We follow a number of procedures to deter waterfowl and other birds from coming in contact with bitumen on our process ponds and tailings areas. Propane-fired cannons and falcon effigies are placed in the water and on the shoreline of ponds. Radar monitoring systems, similar to those used at airports, are also in place which automatically activate our deterrent system when birds are detected in the area. This includes HyperSpike acoustic devices capable of projecting precise, directional sound towards areas of bird activity detected by radar.

Monitoring occurs on a full-time basis throughout the migration period and, if necessary, pyrotechnic flare guns, airhorns and boat movement are deployed.

As per environmental regulation, vegetation cannot be cleared during the migratory songbird nesting and rearing season unless field surveys indicate an absence of nesting activity.

Waterfowl Protection System

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