Cynthia Courteoreille, Captain, Team 504 Fire Brigade.


Our goal is to create opportunities that enable Aboriginal people to fully participate in all aspects of our operation, today and tomorrow. We are one of the largest private-sector employers of Aboriginal people in Canada – around 9% of our workforce is of First Nations, Métis or Inuit descent.

Aboriginal people are employed across all occupations and levels, from heavy duty mechanics to engineers. Continued hiring is pursued through ongoing recruitment initiatives, such as the day-to-day work of Syncrude’s Aboriginal Recruitment Specialist, Syncrude’s rotational employment program in several Wood Buffalo Aboriginal communities, and our participation in the Aboriginal Human Resource Council’s Inclusion Works National Career Fair. Workforce development initiatives, such as our work to support education and trades training programs, also play an important role in developing the next generation of Aboriginal employees.

Fort Chipewyan Rotational Employment Program

A Syncrude rotational employment program for people from the Aboriginal community of Fort Chipewyan celebrated its first 30 years in November 2010. The program enables participants to be employed by Syncrude while remaining active residents of their community. Fly-in/fly-out transportation and Fort McMurray-based accommodation are provided by Syncrude. Since 2009, the program has also been offered to residents of the southern Aboriginal communities of Janvier and Conklin.

Aboriginal Employee Network

An Aboriginal employee network was established in 2013 to serve as a primary source of information and feedback on how well Syncrude is delivering on its commitments to First Nations and Métis communities, Syncrude’s reputation in those communities, and how effective our programs and activities are in meeting business objectives, such as recruitment and retention. The group also focuses on raising the awareness of Aboriginal culture within the Syncrude workforce through its Aboriginal Awareness Day held at the Mildred Lake site.

Aboriginal Workforce