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Community Investment Program

“The course was a great success. The opportunity to participate was well received by the community and beyond,” says Eric Leatham, Fundraising and Events Officer at Keyano Foundation.

Fundraising professionals find passion in the classroom

It’s a passion for their work that drives most fundraising professionals, but like anyone on the job, sometimes a training opportunity is a welcome refresher.

Recently more than 20 non-profit representatives joined the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) when they presented the Fundamentals of Fundraising Course at Keyano College earlier this month.

“The course was a great success. The opportunity to participate was well received by the community and beyond,” says Eric Leatham, Fundraising and Events Officer at Keyano Foundation. “Attendees originated from Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, Fort McKay and Grand Prairie. We received positive feedback from participants during the course, and from community members who were unable to participate hoping to attend a future session.”

The two-day course included key learning topics designed to help fundraisers meet real-world needs, while working through challenges faced by the non-profit sector. Training included program development, marketing, building relationships, volunteer partners, and management.

“From someone with little experience, I found this course to be a step-by-step guide to becoming a great fundraiser,” says Sheila Smart, Marketing and Events Coordinator with Fort McKay Group of Companies. “AFP had some of the best instructors, and the knowledge they brought really made this course come to life. Thank you to Syncrude for giving Fort McMurray fundraisers the opportunity to gain more knowledge in this area.”

Instruction for the program was provided by Melane LeBlanc, Keyano College Foundation, Sue Chaffey, Northern Lights Heath Foundation, and Sue McCoy, Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation and President of the AFP Edmonton and Area Chapter.

This marked the first time since 2011 the AFP has offered a course in Fort McMurray. Syncrude was proud to partner with the AFP Edmonton and Area Chapter to hold the training initiative, and provided discounted rates to participants.

Syncrude is proud to support organizations

Syncrude is proud to support organizations and endeavours in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and Edmonton that improve education, environment, health and safety, science and technology, Aboriginal and community development, arts and culture and recreation.

We donate $6 million annually to community organizations and initiatives.

How we provide assistance

We may provide assistance in the form of funds, materials/equipment or employees' time and expertise for projects that fall within these categories:

  • Education and lifelong learning projects which can’t be funded by local school boards and/or institutions of higher learning.
  • Organizations or events dealing with the environment and health and safety.
  • Community development projects that enhance community facilities and activities. Projects must be self-supporting in the future and reflect the needs and interests of a wide number of people (within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo only).
  • Arts and culture projects or organizations such as theatre, concerts, film and exhibitions that further the arts, entertain or inform (within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo only).
  • Recreational projects that promote health and fitness and organizations promoting amateur sports (within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo only).
  • Science and technology projects or organizations that encourage partnerships and promote oil sands technology.

Over the last five years, we’ve donated over $23 million to the communities in which our employees work and play.


Selection Criteria

Syncrude considers a number of criteria when selecting community investment projects, including:

  • Privately-initiated projects or programs (rather than government-funded)
  • Potential benefit to the community and community support
  • The applicant’s contributions to the project
  • The applicant’s initiative, planning, assessment of community need and collaborations with other organizations
  • Support from multi-stakeholder groups
  • Relationship to the oil sands industry, ability to encourage broad public support for Syncrude and opportunity for our employees to use their talents and expertise
  • Sound and measurable objectives, a well-planned approach and a high probability of producing meaningful, positive results
  • Financial need based on assessment of past revenue sources and use of funds
  • One-time contributions are favoured over recurring needs but long term, multi-year projects are considered based on significant corporate exposure and enduring benefits
  • Other criteria may also be considered

The largest single donation we ever made was $5 million to Keyano College in 2008.

Ineligible Organizations and Projects

The following organizations and projects are not eligible for community investment funding from Syncrude:

  • Individuals in pursuit of activities wherein that individual is the sole beneficiary;
  • Organized Labour, Political Parties, Election Campaigns and Religious or cultural organizations in nature;
  • Organizations solely designed to provide a service to other Syncrude employees, i.e. Club 63 North Social Club;
  • Expenses and fees related to travel, meetings, conferences, forums, registration, remuneration, honourariums, fellowships and living;
  • For-profit organizations regardless of its mandate, function or service;
  • All "sanctioned" fundraising campaigns conducted on Syncrude's property during scheduled working hours wherein employees are asked to participate in the campaign while receiving their regular salaries will not be eligible for this program; i.e. Syncrude Employee United Way Campaign;
  • Syncrude employees that are on secondment.

Syncrude’s Community Investment Online Application Form

Click here for Syncrude’s Community Investment Online Application Form

NOTE: Only applications submitted online will be considered. We are unable to respond to any paper, fax or e-mail funding requests. No representative of any group will be permitted to solicit individual employees at Syncrude's plant site or offices.