Student Landing Page

Students & New Grads

Syncrude has a great reputation for bringing students from all over Canada to Fort McMurray for enriching work terms. In fact, every four months, a new group of students arrives to get a head start on their careers, get involved in the community and develop relationships that will last a life time. 

Co-op Work Terms

Apply for a Syncrude co-op position at your campus co-op office. Work terms have different start dates—January, May or September.  Many of the work terms are four months but we also have co-op students working for us for eight months and occasionally, for 12 months.

  • Jobs posted in January/February are applicable to May Co-op students.
  • Jobs posted in May/June are applicable to September students.
  • Jobs posted in September/October are applicable to January Co-op students.


Apply for a Syncrude internship position through your campus internship office. Internship students have completed all or much of their studies and must complete a 12 or 16 month work term to graduate. The start date for these positions is determined by your school it could be January, May or September.

Summer Student

All of our summer jobs are posted at your campus Student Employment centre in January/February for employment in May through to September.

If your university doesn’t list our job postings, click here to create a profile and submit your resume and transcripts.