Syncrude is one of the largest oil sands companies in Alberta. We have a long history of responsible operations, energy innovation and a strong commitment to the environment.

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Syncrude saves summer tree planting program following wildfire

Jul 26, 2016

Despite a later than-usual start, reclamation efforts wrapped up this month with annual tree planting activities at Syncrude's Mildred Lake site.

Co-Mixing: Simple Technology Tackles Tailings

Jul 18, 2016

Syncrude has a suite of options to deal with fluid fine tailings – the layer of water, clay and fine solids that results from the bitumen extraction process. Composite tailings (dewatering), centrifuge and water capping are methods used to draw out the solids and free up water for evaporation or to recycle for extraction.


Sustainability Report

The sustainability report provides an overview of our performance in the areas of finance and economic contribution, stakeholder and employee engagement, community investment, health and safety, and environmental stewardship.